Offering a complete copy-editing service

As a qualified professional, I can offer complete copy-editing and proofreading services – all delivered using industry standard practices.



Proofreading is the last chance for any mistakes to be corrected. These could be mistakes in spelling, punctuation, grammar or layout. It's a final check for consistency, standardisation and uniformity of the text. Proofreading will not change what you've written, but it will polish your words and better communicate your message to your audience.




Proof-editing works well for businesses and publications with more than one author. Everybody writes differently and has their own way of expressing themselves, but this is not helpful in a multi-author piece of work where consistency and a standard are required.


This is more than proofreading; the document may need formatted and sections moved around to ensure the document flows. Checking page numbers and page headings, consistency of spelling and hyphenation, ensuring that captions match the appropriate illustrations and tables is all part of the job. This service means your work will be better presented, logical and will make sense to the reader.



Copy-editing ensures your document is easy for your audience to read. Factual information, such as quotations and names, will be checked to ensure they're correct. Your document will be read for sense so that your information is structured logically and no parts are missing. Any information that is unnecessary or missing will be highlighted. A style sheet will be collated to ensure consistency of spelling, hyphenation and typography. And, if needed, a list of queries for author clarification.


  • - 2003 BSc Psychology (QUB)
  • - 2006 Advanced Diploma in Counselling (AQE)
  • - 2013 Basic Proofreading (Publishing Training Centre)
  • - 2014 Copy-editing 1: Introduction (Society for Editors and Proofreaders)
  • - 2015 Core Copy-editing Skills (Publishing Training Centre)
  • - 2015 Editing in Word (Publishing Training Centre)
  • - 2015 Advanced Proofreading (Publishing Training Centre)
  • - 2015 Advanced Copy-editing (Publishing Training Centre)

Related courses

  • - 2013 Using Language with Fergal Tobin (Publishing Ireland)

Professional Affiliations

I'm a member of EPANI (Editors' and Proofreaders' Alliance of Northern Ireland); an Intermediate Member of SfEP (Society for Editors and Proofreaders); and an Associate Member of AFEPI (Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers).



I work on books, website copy, reports, theses and promotional materials.



PC; Microsoft Word 13; Microsoft Office; Adobe; scanner, printer, copier; broadband.



I work on-screen using Track Changes in Microsoft Word, or using comment boxes in PDF documents. I can also work on hard copy, marking up using BSI symbols or comments.